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Committed to providing dedicated and excellent service to its customers. Whether it’s convention materials for indefinite storage or a simple cross-dock, Connex keeps you and your business moving forward.

Cross Docking

Services available include, but not limited to:

Warehouse Services

Services available include, but not limited to:
Product Separation

Services List

TL - Truck Load

If you have up to 22 pallets and up to 40,000lbs in one shipment we got a 53 foot trailer to handle it.

LTL - Less Than Truck Load

If you have less than a truck load and you want to be cost efficient, let us combine it with other freight on our truck and pick up and deliver on our way

Expedited TL - Truck Loan

53 foot trailer team drivers.

Trade Show / Event

Pick-up and delivery to/from Convention Center or Marshaling yard.


Picking up from different locations and shipping it out as one shipment.

Military - Mall - Hospital - School

We have experience in these difficult to gain access facilities.


Freight will not be co-mingled with other freight. The vehicle will be reserved for your shipment only

Lift Gate

Some of our trucks are equipped with a lift gate that allows our drivers to unload you freight when forklift or a dock is not present.

Cross Dock

Missed your delivery time? Leave your freight with us! We can re-deliver it at the appointed time. We provide fast & efficient service, Let us get your driver on his way! No more having your driver “stuck” overnight or over the weekend. Call or email us for a quote, Lift-gate service, inside or after hours delivery, 1 skid or 30 skids, we have the right equipment to make your final mile delivery.

Drop And Hook

You have a project where your trailers need to be hooked from one location and dropped to another.

Dropped Trailer - Pick Up Or Delivery

Let us drop our trailers to your dock either at pick up or delivery or both, so you can work at your own pace on loading/unloading.

Power Only

You have a trailer loaded or empty but no tractor to move it? We can help.


You needed your freight Yesterday and is less than a Truck Load? No problem Hot shot it with dedicated vehicle non-stop from pick up to delivery.


Drop the freight to our dock, or let us pick it up so we can deliver it to all your locations.

White Glove

Our experienced team will unload your freight, unpack, bring it inside, and take the trash so you don’t have to.

Secure Shipments

Your shipment will be sealed at pick up and it will never be left unattended. Consignee will break the seal finding the load untouched and in the same condition it was loaded.


We will schedule the deliver and make the last mile delivery to the customer’s door with the vehicle appropriate to accommodate residential traffic regulations.


Freight has shifted during transit and you need to straighten it before delivery? No Problem!